The 2022 board members for Lake Yosemite Sailing Association are listed here. We would like to welcome you to join our sailing club or come out for the annual Spring Regatta.

Dock Captain

Jay Sousa


Keeps the club ship-shape. Captain of the ship so-to-speak.

Dock Captain

Thom Grimaldi

Vice Commodore

The Commodores sidekick that takes the blame. Not really. But he helps run the club.

Dock Captain

Debbie Harden

House Captain

Used to be a mouse in the house, but Deb got it! She also takes care of the dry storage for Winter and Summer.

Dock Captain

Diane Sousa


Keepin’ tabs on the dollars to keep it under budget. Clubs are like boats, they need money to stay afloat.

Dock Captain

Kendall Nightengale

Dock Captain

Manages slip rentals and dock maintenance to float your boat when you’re not in it.

Dock Captain

Rachel Hadley

Race Captain

She’s keeping score when theirs boats a racing. But don’t break the rules.

Dock Captain

Norm Martin

Social Captain I

Social life, it’s what keeps the club singing. Norm gets the band going.

Dock Captain

Jerry Johnson

Social Captain II

Bring out the food! Jerry’s here to keep the taste buds alive. He’s social too!

Dock Captain

Chris Martin


More accurately called the club recorder and photographer.